Why is SDWAN Important?

Why is SDWAN Important?

SD-WAN (Software-Defined Wide Area Network) combines software-defined networking (SDN) and wide-area networking (WAN) services to provide a centralized business interface for WAN management. It improves application performance, user experience, and business productivity and reduces IT costs.

SD-WAN is a virtual network that helps enterprises combine broadband internet services, MPLS, and LTE, to provide secure business application connectivity. It uses the cloud to enhance flexibility, interconnect data centers, and support multiple carriers by directing traffic across trusted SaaS and IaaS solutions. If you are looking for a budget-friendly and agile sd wan managed services & solutions for simplifying network administration along with its management, or if you desire to have better-centralized control over website traffic, Frontom got you covered.

Why is SDWAN Important?

Today, it’s more practical for enterprises to use SaaS (software-as-a-service) applications hosted in the cloud than to keep rerouting traffic to the local data center to access business applications. SD-WAN allows users to access multiple applications simultaneously through the cloud.

Traditional WANs are not for the cloud. Those solutions are inefficient, and traffic comes with high latency and impaired app performance. On the other hand, SD-WAN lowers costs and frustration by improving bandwidth, efficiency, and application performance while still ensuring security and data privacy. 

SD-WAN is essential to increasing security, business productivity, application performance, and customer satisfaction.

Why Your Business Needs SDWAN?


It would help if you definitely had a Wide-Area Network (WAN) when your business experiences significant outward growth. However, Multiprotocol Label Switching is somewhat expensive to implement and can be difficult to maintain across multiple business locations. A Software-Defined Wide-Area Network (SD-WAN) cuts these costs significantly, improves application performance, and you can set it up quickly.

Here are six reasons why SD-WAN is important for your business:

Optimized Bandwidth Usage 

SD-WAN has revolutionalized the game by providing secure and fast connections inside and outside a network. It uses software overlays and dynamic path selection to prioritize demanding applications and optimize WAN bandwidth usage.

Easy Configuration and Quick Deployment 

SD-WAN improves traditional MPLS without adding extra hardware to your network. It gets deployed using a user-friendly software platform that can get managed by non-technical staff. You get to grow your business with unrivalled flexibility, scalability, and enhanced security.

Customized Operations

You can configure a cloud-enabled SD-WAN to suit your specific business needs. It helps you enhance the speed and responsiveness across your network. For instance, you can choose to increase or decrease bandwidth on demand.

Improved Security

Regular MPLS data security heavily relies on a centralized, corporate data center. However, the cloud increases data security and helps you protect your traffic across multiple locations. SD-WAN gives your entire network end-to-end encryption. So, even if your network traffic is intercepted, it does not affect any of your data. SD-WAN segments your network to contain security breaches and allows you to respond quickly. 

SD-WAN takes security further by making user account creation, monitoring, and removal quick and simple.

Improved Data Transmission and Reliable Connectivity

The past year has seen a rise in the adoption of voice and video conferencing solutions. You have probably experienced some common challenges of high-bandwidth demand communication, such as VoIP calls with clipped words and stuttering connections. SD-WAN helps solve these problems by compensating packet loss using Forward Error Correction (FEC). 

Also, it allows you to configure your network to route voice traffic across the most efficient channels to ensure that all your calls remain clear and uninterrupted.

Cost-Effective Networking

SD-WAN offers extremely cost-effective networking solutions. It uses a software-side implementation overlay to help improve your current network technology’s network reliability, performance, and security. SD-WAN focuses on using the most efficient connection to transport data. It saves you the time and resources needed to deploy and configure your data network by ensuring that you need minimal expertise and involvement to expand.

Final Verdict

It helps you manage and maintain your business with reduced overhead costs. You get improved network connectivity and optimized bandwidth prioritization for mission-critical applications.

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