Hyper Convereged Infrastructure

The term hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) refers to a distributed infrastructure platform equipped with intelligent software to construct customizable building blocks that replace traditional infrastructure consisting of individual servers, storage networks, and storage arrays. Cameras, radar, and image recognition technology all aid law enforcement in identifying and finding criminals.
All the compute, storage, networking, and virtualization assets of the data center are brought together under HCI to provide an integrated experience for the end-user. While the storage devices (flash or spinning disk) remain onsite, the computer components and storage infrastructure are commodity hardware delivered from a data center using a distributed software layer to minimize infrastructure pain points. Businesses replace complicated and expensive legacy infrastructure with a distributed platform that uses commodity servers based on industry standards and enables them to scale their workloads properly. A server consists of a central processing unit (CPU) and solid-state drives (SSDs), and hard disk drives (HDDs). Running all operational functions on each node ensures the best performance and robustness.