What is Managed SD-WAN?

What is Managed SD-WAN?

A Software-Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) is a virtualized network that incorporates and gives you smooth access across broader network connections. It uses intelligent routing technology to send data packets across secure and efficient lines. SD-WAN solutions optimize routing paths by prioritizing business requests and bandwidth needs. It uses easily accessible intuitive dashboards to provide enhanced control over network traffic and improve user experience, delivery speed, and uptime reliability.

What is SD-WAN?

SD-WAN managed services help increase network flexibility by giving users centralized network control and network monitoring to reduce costs and improve enterprise flexibility. SD-WAN architecture replaces traditional WAN routers and allows you to support load sharing of traffic across different Wide Area Networks (WAN) to increase data transmission efficiency.

SD-WAN managed services provide many benefits, including:

  • Combining your network connections to provide a single capacity pool for all your application services.
  • Provides customized bandwidth and connectivity protocols to accommodate specific network users, services, and locations.
  • Defines management policies and network traffic for all connected devices at a low cost, using intelligent automation.

Business Benefits of Software-Defined WAN Solutions

SD-WAN is rising in adoption. However, it can be very challenging to keep up with innovations reaching new extremes. This causes many to miss out on numerous business benefits of SD-WAN such as:

  • Cost Optimization: 

Unlike traditional Wide Area Network costs, SD-WAN can save your business up to 90% in network management fees.

  • Improved Network Security:

SD-WAN architecture provides secure cloud server connections, unlike standard internet networks.

  • Reduced Latency: 

Managed SD-WAN architecture helps reduce network latency and lag issues by eliminating errors and abstracting the connection.

  • Automation:

Managed SD-WAN services help prioritize network traffic and easily adjust to fluctuating business demands.

  • Improved Experience: 

SD-WAN managed services provide simplicity and flexibility by increasing business agility.

  • Efficiency: 

Use existing bandwidth more efficiently rather than paying for what you don’t need

  • Improved Application Performance: 

It provides robust application architecture that helps improve performance and make delivery predictable.

  • Improved Flexibility: 

SD-WAN managed services increase flexibility by allowing you to build tailored solutions specific to your business demands. It also provides the best software-defined WAN solutions for deployment, increasing availability, risk tolerance, and high performance.

  • Peace of Mind: 

Managed SD-WAN services delegate the process of planning, organizing, securing, and monitoring your network. You can focus on business growth.

  • Quick Innovation:

Software-Defined WAN solutions allow users to upgrade on-the-go, as technologies evolve.

Why Do You Need Managed SD-WAN Services?


Software-Defined Wide Area Networks provide intelligent traffic routing mechanisms across your entire business network. It offers instant productivity improvement and reduces business delays by giving users direct access to application programs and services.

Suppose you are an enterprise-level business organization with significant operational infrastructure, then you should consider implementing SD-WAN managed services to help maximize business service delivery and output.

If you are looking for a budget-friendly and agile sd wan managed services for simplifying network administration along with its management, or if you desire to have better-centralized control over website traffic, Frontom got you covered. Work smartly with us and get a brilliant chance to improve user experience and application efficiency with premium security inspection services for privacy!

Frontom SD-WAN Managed Services

Software-defined WAN solutions enable you to automate workload management and improve service delivery across multiple platforms. Frontom provides SD-WAN managed services to help you secure your network architecture.

We guide businesses of all sizes on a journey to discovering and implementing cutting-edge SD-WAN solutions explicitly selected to accommodate your business networking needs and offer maximum flexibility and control.

Our Networking experts collaborate with you to plan and create a strategy road map, including:

  • SD-WAN Consultation and Architecture Design: 

We focus on building an SD-WAN solution that works for your business. Our Software-defined Managed Wide Area Network Solutions address your specific business requirements.

  • Procurement and logistics: 

We ensure seamless purchase, transfer, and installation of SD-WAN hardware to your business site. We keep you updated throughout each process.

  • Installation and Configuration: 

Frontom SD-WAN installation experts ensure the seamless configuration of SD-WAN hardware. We have networking experts, cloud engineers, experienced architects, and reliable SD-WAN vendors that allow us to install and configure SD-WAN architecture globally.

We also connect your hardware to the enterprise LAN on-demand

  • WAN Integration: 

Frontom WAN experts offer seamless site integrations across your business network. Our WAN engineers have exceptional knowledge of multiple SD-WAN technologies. They can build and configure custom solutions to meet specific business demands and accommodate application integrations, including data migration from legacy MPLS networks and third-party coordination.

  • Management and Network Operation: 

We offer global SD-WAN managed services, fully implemented and controlled by field experts. Frontom provides SD-WAN solutions that enhance operational flexibility and optimize routing paths that are easy to manage.

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