Top SD WAN Managed Service Provider in the US

Top SD WAN Managed Service Provider in the US

The management of your network may be outsourced to a third-party supplier through an MSP or a communications service provider. When it comes to uptime and performance, SD-WAN management contains all you need, including connections for a certain number of branches.

The service provider is responsible for monitoring, managing, and safeguarding the Sd-WAN service. According to the set of involved locations, the service agreements might be simple or complicated. SD WAN managed services are currently offered by several prominent CSPs as part of their commercial offerings.

SD-WAN Managed Solutions

It is becoming more common for enterprises to outsource the acquisition and management of SD-WAN equipment to adopt managed SD-WAN services. Service companies that provide SD-WAN management also include SD-WAN equipment and on-premises or cloud-based SD-WAN deployment and management.

There are many ways in which managed SD-WAN providers may bring value to their clients, including the expertise that organizations cannot keep in their staff and continual investment in the newest SD-WAN technology for the benefit of their customers.

The Most Important Requirements for Managed SD-WAN


MSPs and MSSPs need technologies that help them run their businesses more effectively. SD-WAN solutions should have a short time to revenue by requiring minimum network design and implementation. In addition, they should have good profit margins and be able to expand to serve more significant clientele with ease.

MSPs and MSSPs seek value-added services in their search for new solutions. Managed SD-WAN services may be added to client networks to provide extra services, such as managed SD-Branch and IoT security, to the end customer. The security and analytics capabilities of secure SD-WAN make it an attractive alternative to pure SD-WAN systems.

After making a purchase, MSPs and MSSPs look for solutions, they can swiftly deploy to their clients. Existing customers may have additional features enabled or added to their current deployments, and new customers who need to be onboarded and given access to the solution before services can be delivered.

Customers of MSPs and MSSPs have quite different wants and demands. As a result, they need the capacity to adapt their offers to each customer’s circumstances by providing pay-as-you-grow options for their goods and services.

SD-WAN Managed Service Provider

In this Magic Quadrant, SD-WAN managed service provider VMware is at the top. VMware SD-WAN is the brand name for this product, a VMware SASE component. With the Edge Network Intelligence Orchestrator and Edge Network Appliances, you get everything you need to build a network from the ground up, including edge appliances, gateways, and an orchestrator.

SD-WAN As a Service

SaaS refers to a service that is hosted by a third-party provider and made available to customers across a network. Subscription-based software as a service is a method of distributing technology. A cloud-based administrative interface may be required for the end-user to monitor, manage, and adjust SD-WAN as a service. 

For WAN connections to its branch locations, the end customer may be required to enter into a contract with one or more CSPs.

Top SD-WAN Managed Service Provider and Vendors

It would help if you looked at Aryaka, BT Business, Cato Networks, Colt, GTT, Lumen, Masergy, Open Systems, Versa, and VeloCloud as the finest Managed SD-WAN suppliers. 

Compare SD-WAN managed with and without underlay, management interface cloud, reporting SLAs, and support to make an informed decision.

When comparing SD-WAN providers, it is critical to consider network speed, security, and total cost of ownership. Cisco/Viptela, HPE/Silver Peak, VMware/VelocCloud, Palo Alto Networks/CloudGenix, and Versa Networks are some of the best SD-WAN providers in the world. 

While SD-WAN is the most popular, other options include private WAN connections from Apcela, Aryaka, and Mode and cloud networking services that may be used in combination with any SD-WAN solution at the customer’s discretion. Several SD-WAN technology firms offer a monthly or yearly price for their services, similar to SaaS. Over the next year or two, Doyle Research predicts that the as-a-service business will continue to rise.

Managed SD-WAN Pricing

For basic managed SD-WAN, prices vary from $710,000 to roughly $1.1 million per year, while premium managed SD-WAN costs about $1.4 million per year. Compared to unmanaged clients, basic and premium customers save 42% and 48%.


IT organizations often use managed SD-WAN services to alleviate the strain of maintaining connections between their branch offices and data centers themselves. As a result of SD-WAN technology, a broad range of providers, including cable providers, MSPs, and systems integrators, have expanded their managed network service offerings. As a service, customers benefit from having the most recent features and easy cloud updates. Customers may choose how much functionality they want and only pay for what they use.

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